Alama Hami said that it is painful to see youth and even elderly people waiting in long queues outside the liquor shops in Srinagar and elsewhere. ‚ÄúThis menace has deep rooted in our society and its high time people extend their support to Karwani     ⋆    

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Tahreek Karwan Islami is purely a non political, non-profitable, religious, social and spiritual movement founded by Amir Karwan Allama Ghulam Rasool Hami in 2004. Since its very inception, Karwan Islami of course with the overwhelming support of people from all shades of life is gradually progressing towards achieving the objectives of universal brotherhood, peace, unity among people of all faiths by spreading the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Peace Be Upon Him.
The main objective of the movement led by founder patron, who is a renowned religious scholar, is to achieve universal brotherhood by enriching the humanity in the light of teachings of Islam and also the developments that are taking place across the world.

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